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About us

About us

Immanti Consulting is a Mexico City-based group that works with overseas small and medium sized companies and organizations wanting to enter the Mexican market. We provide the full range of business development and commercial support services that enable our clients to take full advantage of the many opportunities that this market has to offer while avoiding the common pitfalls inherent in doing business in an unfamiliar, emerging economy.

Whether you have already decided on taking your product to market, regionally or nationally, or are just beginning to explore the many commercial options available, we will help you navigate this new terrain successfully. Our unique partnership
of UK nationals offers cross-sector expertise and an in-depth business understanding of Mexico, developed through hands-on experience in the country during the past 20 years.

Our services cover all the varied and complex steps involved in expanding your business to Mexico and getting your product or service to market successfully. We will identify the right business partners for the distribution, logistics and commercial support services for your product. We will introduce you to our network of trusted and reliable professional services providers who will advise you on key issues including how best to protect your intellectual property, the ideal business entity set up, and how to ensure compliance with complex government regulations. Crucially, we will provide you with dedicated support through focused, on-site follow up project management during the market analysis, market entry strategy and implementation cycle.

Take a look at the full range of services we offer and why we believe we can make a difference to the successful launch of your business in Mexico.


Our team

Our Team

Nicola MacNiven and Philippa Nuttall

As founders and directors of Immanti Consulting, we bring to our clients over 40 years of director-level business development experience in Mexico. We have proven track records setting up and doing business in Mexico and successfully bringing products and services to market locally and in the wider Latin American context. Our joint multi-sector expertise covers consumer products, business-to-business services, and higher education in senior management positions with US and Mexican companies.

As foreign nationals with additional professional experience in Europe and the US, we

offer hands-on knowledge of the nuances of doing business in Mexico and how these
differ from practices elsewhere. Our experience means that we can provide our clients with a one contact, full service project management service for the entire business development process, from exporting and partnering with distributors to establishing a local physical presence. Regardless of your sector, we can apply our in-depth knowledge of local processes to accelerate your market entry.

We speak your language and can make sense of the unfamiliar for you.


Philippa Nuttall

Philippa is an experienced business development professional who, as co-founder of Immanti Consulting, brings over 20 years´ of senior management, marketing and cross border expertise.


Nicola MacNiven

Before co-founding Immanti Consulting, Nicola worked in Procter & Gamble in the UK and Mexico for 22 years and is ideally placed to leverage the similarities and contrasts of these two markets.

As General Director of US-based Technology Training Corporation in Mexico, she developed the operation from an administrative branch to a major income contributor for the corporation.

In addition to introducing a new service line, making the company the corporation´s biggest profit centre worldwide, Philippa initiated the firm´s successful launch into five Latin American markets: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Venezuela over a two year period. She also acted as General Manager of the Colombia operations in Bogota, the corporation´s second biggest profit centre.

Recently, she applied her commercial expertise to the higher education sector including the ITAM, ranked as Mexico´s most prestigious private university; the Fundación UNAM, the America´s largest public university; and CENTRO, Mexico´s leading private design and film university.

Beyond her hands-on, in-depth knowledge of the Mexican business environment, her specific areas of expertise include general management, new business and market development, cross border management, brand management, market research and intelligence gathering and services marketing.

Philippa is a UK national with a BA from King´s College London and a MSc from the University of Birmingham.

After 5 years in London working with wholesalers and national retailers, she moved to Mexico to head P&G’s largest client team in Latin America.

She was responsible for coordinating multi-functional resources to bring to market over 100 new items in 6 years. She later led P&G Mexico's distributor development team, gaining presence of P&G products in over half of Mexico's 500,000 independent stores within 2 years. In these assignments she has visited all of Mexico's 32 States, gaining wide experience of this geographically and culturally diverse country. 

Her areas of expertise are: in-store marketing; applying shopper insights; distribution networks and supply chain integration; and cross-cultural team building. She prides herself on being "in touch" with the risks and opportunities of bringing products to market in Mexico.

Nicola is a graduate of the University of Oxford, and is also a qualified teacher of English as a second language, specializing in Business English. In her free time she volunteers for the International Board on Books for Young People.

Why us?

Why us?

  • We have a combined 40 years director-level local professional experience.
  • We have multi-sector expertise in consumer products, B2B services, higher education, US & Mexican companies.
  • We´re a one-stop shop for the entire set-up process, whether you want to export, or base your operations in Mexico.
  • We´re a small, agile operation that´s willing and able to customise.

  • We speak your language and make sense of the unfamiliar.
  • We´re foreign nationals who have hands on experience of Mexican business.
  • We can identify potential pitfalls while taking advantage of local expertise and opportunities.
  • We are on-site offering dedicated support in the same city and same time-zone as the target market.

  • We save you time by reducing start-up mistakes and going direct to the right people.
  • We save you money, providing advice on where you need to spend, and where not.
  • We can give you peace of mind through trusted, reliable contacts who won´t profit from your lack of local experience.

Our services

Our services

We offer services for the entire market entry and set up cycle, all of which can be tailored to your company´s needs. We undertake many services directly such as market research, critical path development, identifying potential business partners and securing office space. For others, including legal and fiscal advice, imports, logistics, and distribution, we identify and recruit trusted, highly qualified suppliers and specialists, working with them as part of our project curation service.

We offer a full range of business development services to support your firm´s entry into Mexico, whether looking to export or set up locally. Throughout the entire market entry cycle, we will provide full project curation of all steps as well as access to our trusted network of local suppliers and specialists.


Recruitment of trusted, highly qualified suppliers and specialists including:

  • Legal and financial
  • Market research
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
We are here when you can´t be, progressing your project according to your instructions:

  • Resolving issues day to day
  • Chasing local suppliers
  • Attending trade fairs
  • Networking on your behalf



  • Targeted market research for go-to-market decision making
  • Critical path development according to type of market entry
  • Preparation of cost estimates
  • Business introduction service


  • Imports / Logistics /Distribution including regulatory compliance
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Marketing and commercial support
  • Point of sale strategy development for consumer products
  • Identifying potential business partners


  • Market and commercial strategy evaluation
  • Feasibility studies on new markets, products and services
  • Feasibilty studies on local manufacturing options
  • Analysis of Mexico as Gateway to the Americas


  • Setting up a legal entity
  • Fiscal obligations and compliance
  • Securing office space
  • Staff recruitment and labour obligations
  • Immigration processes support

Why Mexico?


Why Mexico?


  • With over 112,000,000 inhabitants Mexico is the world’s 11th largest country and represents a huge potential market for a wide range of products and services.
  • Growing middle class. Mexico´s middle class increased by 12% between 2000 and 2010 according to Mexico´s government institute of statistics and demographics (INEGI, 2013)
  • Concentration of wealth: 10% of Mexico´s population produces 35% of GDP. Ths niche can be effectively targeted for luxury products and services.

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